New Kitchen White Cabinets


Your first thoughts usually begin with a dream to transform your space into a new reality.  But before you get all starry eyed with thoughts of new tile or appliances there are several down to earth decisions that should be made.
One of the most important is which contractor to go with. How do you decide?
How many bids should you get?

We have come up with some advice to help you through this phase. When interviewing each company ask these questions:
What sets you apart from other remodelers?
Will your company do quality work?
Are you insured?
Will you provide proof of workers compensation and liability insurance?
What kind of warranty do you offer?
How long have your trade people been working for you?
How many years experience do they have?
Do you belong to local trade associations?   If so which ones?
Can you provide a list of references?
Can I tour a past project or one in progress?
How are communications handled during the process?
Do you use environmentally responsible construction techniques?
Will you bring in a dumpster and where will you put it?
Do you furnish a portable toilet for your workers and subcontractors?
How do you handle pets on the premises?
How much will the project disrupt our lives?
How can we help in the process?

Any addition, home remodel, kitchen remodel or bath remodel is much more than a number.  It is something you are looking forward to bringing new excitement and value to your home.  It is something you will need to live through, so you will want it done right, without a lot of headaches, set backs or cost overruns.  

Instead of focusing only on bids, we suggest you look at the quality of the work the company can provide you with and its past practices.  The purpose of a bid is to give you a way to compare one company to the next.  But bids do not really compare companies, they compare prices and most are not “apples to apples and oranges to oranges”.  

In creating bids, companies often sacrifice something to get a lower bid than the next company.  Once we get to the point of being able to give you a contract price, you can be assured that it is a true price, based on giving you the final product for your home that you want within the scope of your budget.

Are we more expensive than other companies?  Not really.  You get what you pay for in the end.  
LeMier Phillips Construction provides you with excellent workmanship, service and peace of mind that your job is being done right with our continued “Commitment to Quality” that we stake our reputation upon.
We are a great value no matter how you do the math!