Build A Bed Day
APRIL 13th 9:00 AM
2840 Crites St SW # 108, Tumwater, WA 98512

Sleep In Heavenly Peace

Several of the employees at LeMier Phillips Construction recently attended a remodeler’s conference, where we learned of a group of volunteers doing an amazing job of putting people together to help children. Sleep In Heavenly Peace. Their motto is~ “No kid sleeps on the floor in our town”.  Sleep in Heavenly Peace (SHP), is a registered 501© (3) non-profit serving children in need.  Since they are a volunteer driven organization 100% of the donations go towards building the beds.

You see they actually build beds and donate those beds along with a mattress and bedding to children who do not have a bed to sleep in.

Personally, I must tell you; the story of this group really spoke to me.  I had never thought about the possibility of children in our community not having a bed to sleep in.  While watching a video of a bed delivery, I took one look at the faces of those kids receiving a bed and I was done.  Tears were flowing.  I immediately wanted to step in and help.  I brought the idea to Bob & David and of course they were on board!

The way it works is we (LeMier Phillips Construction) agree to host a build day.  All the bunk beds are built from scratch and built to last a lifetime.  SHP will provide the materials, tools and easy to follow design.  No previous woodworking experience is required.  Lucky for me, I just happen to know people who know their way around a power tool or two!  However, we are going to need some additional help, and this is where I am asking you to participate in any way that you can.  You know the saying “many hands make light work”.  So hopefully about now you are wondering what you can do?  Here is a list of ways you can help and get involved.:

  • Help us get the word out.  SHP is still fairly new and people in need do not even know of its existence.  You might not know of any child who sleeps on the floor, but you could help us by posting notices at places that you go such as; shops, gyms or yoga studios, church, etc.  You just never know who might see it.  I am going to be making up a notice soon, and if you would like some, please let me know.
  • Another way to help would be to participate and join the build!   We are scheduled for Saturday April 13th at 9:00 a.m. until we are finished making the beds   I am thinking of the build as an actual bed party!!  There will be music and food for all who come and help. Kids are encouraged to come and get involved!  Even if all you have is an hour that day, it will all go towards making this dream a reality!  Plus, it will give you a chance to see all your favorite LPC faces!
  • And of course, donate!  Each twin bunk bed with mattresses and bedding costs $300.00.  Our goal would be to complete 10 beds.  Anything towards our goal would be so amazing and help tremendously.   

Please check out SHP.
You can also follow our progress on our LeMier Phillips Construction Facebook page

I hope each of you will take a moment and respond to my email, we would love to have you join us in any way possible!


With gratitude,
Kim Cook
Office Manager

SHP Build A Bed