Dry Rot: A Home's Hidden Menace

Siding Dry Rot

A beautiful home starts with an eye catching facade, and nothing can fix or ruin the look of a home like its siding. It is the unsung hero on every residential house - when it looks great, no one notices; when siding is a mess, it is all anyone will see.

Why is siding important?

The siding on a home has a much more important job than just looking great. Siding protects the bones of the home; the wooden walls and studs and all that lies beyond them are sheathed by an outer layer of protective siding. And while a home may look nice on the outside, damage could be hiding beneath the siding of any home. So how do you know if your home is really protected by the siding it relies on?

Dry rot – What You Need to Know

Dry rot is the main culprit of hidden siding problems and can lead to many issues within a house. And dry rot, ironically, is caused by water. It happens when good wood underneath the siding gets wet, and fungus and mold begin to grow and eat away at the wood. The initial water may dry up (hence “dry” rot), but the damage to the structure is already done. If not found quickly, this rot can break down the structural integrity of the wood and the wall of the house.

The damage from dry rot doesn’t always stay on the exterior of a home. The spores from mold and fungi are invisible and float through the air, which means they can easily spread to other moist areas of a home or worse- they can be breathed in by the home’s residents and cause many health problems.

How Do I Know if There is Dry Rot?

If there is no roof overhang, dmagaged or missing gutters, or problems with a home’s flashing, dry rot can be lurking. Also, if there is any damage or poorly installed siding on a home, there may be dry rot.

Some homeowners want to check their siding on their own to see if they have a dry rot problem. This test can be done by gently pressing the wood underneath the siding with a screwdriver; if the wood underneath the siding is soft, there is a good chance dry rot exists. However, the best way to diagnose rot is with the help of a professional. A siding specialist can determine where the rot is, what is causing the water to get to the wood, and the extent of damage that the rot has already caused. Seeking out professional help with dry rot is the fastest and most effective way to stop further damage and fix the problem in a home’s siding before it gets even worse.

My Siding has Dry Rot. What Now?

A construction professional will typically complete these steps to find and fix the dry rot in a house.

Remove the siding of the exterior wall that contains dry rot. Exposing the wood beneath shows the extent of damage and allows the repair work to begin.

Cut away the rotten wood. This may just be the wooden wall section or may include the frame and studs of the home as well. The further the rot has spread, the more wood/structure needs to be removed.

Replace the rotten wood with new wood.

Treat the remaining wood that may have been in contact with the fungi that caused the dry rot. This ensures the problem doesn’t persist or return.

Reinstall or replace the siding to close up the wall and protect from future water damage.

Properly dispose of damaged and rotten wood.

Getting expert advice and assessment on a project as important as dry rot repair is key to protecting your home and family from long term water damage and dry rot.

Dry rot can ruin your home if it isn’t dealt with quickly and correctly, but it doesn’t have to ruin your season or your budget. Contact the professionals at Lemier Phillips Construction for more information or an estimate on finding and repairing dry rot.

Now Is The Time For The Deck Of Your Dreams

Dream Deck

The Northwest corner of Washington is a unique and beautiful landscape to call home. With mild average temperatures all summer long and cool, wet winters, enjoying the outdoors all year long may take some creativity but is well worth the effort. Having an outdoor living space can extend the benefits of the outdoors to most of the year! Relaxing in a rainstorm in an enclosed porch or basking in the summer sunshine on a renovated deck will add not only value to a home, but to your Northwest lifestyle.

There are many perks to having an amazing outdoor living space. Decks, verandas, and enclosed porches all boast the obvious benefits: being able to enjoy the property that you call home. Here are some less obvious reasons to add outdoor living space to your NW Washington home:

Being Outdoors is Good for Your Health

Studies have proven what history already knows - being outside is good for you! People who utilize outdoor living areas such as decks and porches see a reduction in their stress levels. A deck with a built in hammock, bench, or swing allows amazing opportunities to leave the stress and anxiety inside and just breathe in the fresh breezes of your yard, at least temporarily. Outdoor areas also encourage basking in the sun, which is known to increase vitamin D levels and can cause a decline in depression symptoms. And while these benefits are available anywhere, taking a trip to the park or water is not quite as easy as stepping out your back door. Throughout history, outdoor spaces have been offering people natural therapy and a connection to nature.

It Extends Your Home’s Square Footage

Having a beautiful tiered deck or enclosed patio doesn’t just offer personal benefits. It extends the usable space in your home outward, and adds a perfect place to host large family parties, company picnics, or small private gatherings. Hosting social events is second nature when your home boasts a built in deck surrounding your family pool for those warm Washington Summers. The “open floor plan” that so many people look for when hosting their friends is easy to achieve when it’s outdoors- a reasonable size deck can fit not only tables and chairs but could also include built in benches, storage, and even a platform for the grill. A well built outdoor living space will make hosting so easy, your guests may never want to leave.

It Offers the Perfect Retreat

Adding or renovating an outdoor living area to your home will be an investment that pays your family back immediately. An inviting area to unplug and get away from the hustle and bustle of life is what so many people are searching for, and they pay top dollar to visit just for a while. Having a gorgeous serene retreat in your own backyard opens up the joy of planning a stay-cation instead, one that you can enjoy year round and that transforms your home into the retreat of your dreams. An enclosed sunroom on your backyard deck gives you the freedom to gather outdoors well into the cool fall season, and who doesn’t love an intimate evening home around a beautiful inlaid fire pit under the night sky. Every home should be welcoming, and the perfect deck extends the comforts of home out into the serenity of nature.

It Adds Value to Your Home

Let’s face it: Washington has some amazing weather, and some cool, cloudy days. To get the most out of every great NW Washington day, you need to be out in it! Having a great area in your own home allows you to benefit from each ray of sunshine and breeze that comes your way. Homebuyers know this fact, too. That’s why adding a deck or enclosed outdoor area to you home increases its value. It’s what buyers are looking for- a way to bring the comfort, entertainment, and relaxation of the indoors to the outdoors.

And for those homes with an amazing view- nothing wows a homebuyer or owner like experiencing them on a well built deck, feet up and coffee in hand. So why wait until you are selling your house to add value, build the deck of your dreams and enjoy it for yourself.

To get the most out of your Northwest Washington home, contact LeMier Phillips Construction today. They are available to help you make your outdoor living dreams a reality!

Five Reasons To Remodel Your Deck

Five Reasons To Remodel Your Deck

An outdoor living space is a prized area for any home. It is the perfect place to host friends and family, adds to the usable footprint of your house, and brings quiet solitude to enjoy a beautiful sunrise or to watch the leaves change. Milestones are celebrated and memories are made when people gather together outdoors. The crown of every outdoor area is, of course, the deck. It can be tiered, host tables and a grilling platform, boast built in fire pits and lighting, or form around a family pool for an amazing outdoor oasis.

Sadly, some people don’t get much enjoyment out of their decks. The outdoors could be an extension of your living space and bring both joy and retail value to your home, but is so often neglected and under utilized. Are you getting the most out of your deck, or do you need a deck remodel? 

There are several reasons to consider remodeling a deck. Here are the top 5 reasons that a deck remodel may be right for your home:

The deck is unsafe. This is the most obvious reason to remodel a deck. Decks are great places to host outdoor parties and BBQs but a large group of people on an old deteriorating deck can be a cause for concern. Rain, wind, snow, and sun can all cause serious problems on even a well-built deck over time.

If you are noticing separating or warped boards, wobbling stairs, or planks that give when you walk on them, the deck may be structurally weak. Some decks aren’t even built legally or to the town safety codes, While some find these rules hindering, the building codes of a deck are very important. Safety concerns are a vital reason to consider a deck remodel and a professional deck builder is needed to ensure all safety measures are met.

The deck is too small. A deck that isn’t large enough to host a gathering or even hold a table and chairs may not be very functional. The reason for having a deck is to give a space for outdoor living; the smaller the space, the less useful the deck.

Is there space enough for everyone to have a place to sit? To serve meals? Are the stairs large enough and in the best space for functionality? Consider a remodel if you would like to host outdoor events but are unable to fit tables, chairs, or people on your deck.

The deck is underutilized. Do you only use your deck for one month a year? Climate can be a big factor in not using your deck as much as you could. To get the most out of your outdoor space, consider closing in part of your deck area. This would add functionality to your deck beyond the warm summer months and allow the space to be enjoyed in wet and cooler seasons. Or consider a professionally installed gas fire pit right in your deck to extend the use of your space into the colder months.

You have changed your outdoor living plan. Maybe you’re adding a pool, a shed, or a garden. If so, now may be the right time to remodel your deck to accommodate your plans. There is nothing more frustrating than making beautiful changes to your backyard living space, only to realize that your deck is no longer functioning at it’s best.

Now that your garden is finished, did you find that your deck stairs are blocking the sun?  Maybe you just finished your brand new pool and think that perfect access would be from your home via the deck rather than your current path. If you recently added an outdoor entrance to a kitchen or mudroom, can you access these new features from your deck for maximum functionality of your living space? Having the right deck outside can improve both the indoor and outdoor features of your home.

Your old deck needs a facelift. Some decks are still structurally sound but just look tired and worn out. They no longer match the beautiful exterior of the rest of your home and need to be brought back to life. There are many new, durable, eco-friendly decking options for homeowners that will last twice as long as wood and will look great for years to come. Coordinating railings and built in lighting for perimeter and stairs are also available to give your backyard oasis the character it deserves.

A deck remodel is the perfect way to spruce up your home, your family time. and your social calendar to get the most out of your space. Having a beautiful outdoor living space is easy to do with the right team behind you. Contact LeMier Phillips Construction to start your deck remodeling plan today.

Five Energy Efficient Tips That Add Value To Your Home

Gourmet Modern Chef Kitchen Mosaic Granite Counter Pendant Lighting

As the needs of growing families change cross the U.S., many homeowners are choosing to update their current home rather than buy a new one. Adding an addition or making energy efficient updates are great ways to spruce up your house and add to the value of your home. Ensuring your additions are energy efficient is also a great way to save money now and possibly make some later when and if you decide to sell.

If saving energy and money is on your to-do list in the new year, consider these five updates that will add value to your home and allow you to put your hard earned money towards other ventures:

Install new doors and windows. A new front door, storm door, or windows can give your entire house an updated feel. Older windows and doors allow warm and cool air to escape, causing drafts in the winter and hot spots in the summer. Ensuring that windows are double paned and sealed correctly can save money on heating bills instantly, as can a properly insulated door. And, adding storm doors to an exterior is a great addition to the curb appeal of a home and will also prevent up to 50% of energy loss, according to the Department of Energy.

Add or replace insulation in the attic. Some reports state that most of a home’s energy is lost through the attic. A properly insulated attic can help retain much of the heat in a home, making it more energy efficient and keeping the warm air inside where it belongs. Updating this part of your home can save you a lot of money in heating and cooling bills and is valuable to potential buyers as well. While this isn’t an addition you will see daily in your home, you will notice the change in both comfort and cost.

Add solar powered lights to the exterior of your home. Having an outdoor living space adds value and enjoyment to a home, and the right lighting makes this space versatile for both day and nighttime use. Update the look of your home and add security by creating lit pathways, or add ambience to your outdoor space with decorative ground and wall lights powered by the sun. Using solar powered lights is a great way to make this living space energy efficient.

Consider the addition of skylights, clearstory windows, and light shelves to your space. While this update to your home has an upfront cost, the added natural light can pay for itself over time through saving on expensive artificial lighting. Brightening up a space is a great way to update your living area and adds both the look and feel of more square footage without a full renovation - a natural appeal for potential buyers when you are ready to sell.

Remodel your kitchen with energy efficient appliances. Kitchen renovations, when done right, can add value to a home and attract potential buyers. A new kitchen layout, plus energy saver appliances, can save money and energy. Consider where your appliances are placed, keeping the refrigerator away from a heat source, such as an oven, dishwasher, or direct sunlight, which can keep operating costs and energy usage down. The right remodel will keep all your kitchen necessities running optimally so your kitchen is both beautiful and energy efficient.

Over the last 10 years, many Americans have seen a constant increase in energy prices*. Help keep your costs down and add value to your home with these energy efficient updates and additions. Contact Lemier Phillips today to book a consultation or learn more great ways to save on energy costs in your home.



Build A Bed Day Update
APRIL 13th 9:00 AM
2840 Crites St SW # 108, Tumwater, WA 98512

Sleep In Heavenly Peace

Hello All

Only 29 days! until our upcoming project to host a bed build for Sleep in Heavenly Peace.

April 13th 9:00 at our office: 2840 Crites St SW #108, Tumwater WA 98512

I just wanted to send out a quick reminder in case you wanted to help or get involved.  It is a great cause.  To learn more about Sleep in Heavenly Peace, please check out their website: www.SHPbeds.org

Ways you can help:

  • Join us! as we host the LeMier Phillips Construction bed build, or as I like to call it, our bed party!
  • No time?  Well here is an easy way to help and only a few clicks away.  Go to www.amazon.com and purchase any of the following:
  • twin sheets: AmazonBasics Microfiber Sheet Set-Twin
  • blanket: Bare Home Polar Fleece Cozy Bed Blanket-Hypoallergenic
  • pillows: Luxury Soft Pillows for Sleeping, Edow Fluffy Down Alternative Hypoallergenic
  • You can even have them shipped to our address: 2840 Crites St SW #108, Tumwater WA 98512.
  •  I found the above options for $20 or less.
  • Help get the word out to anyone who might have a need.  I have found the best way is to talk to those who are employed at our schools, but just talking about SHP to anyone who is interested in anyway helps!

Three easy ways to get involved and help. 

If you are planning to stop by the bed build, please let me know so that I can properly plan the party supplies!

Please check out SHP.
You can also follow our progress on our LeMier Phillips Construction Facebook page

I hope each of you will take a moment and respond to my email, we would love to have you join us in any way possible!


With gratitude,
Kim Cook
Office Manager

SHP Build A Bed

Five Tips To Renovating An Old House

Renovating An Old Home

So you’ve found yourself in a beautiful old house that you just love. Maybe you grew up here or maybe you drove by one day and knew it just had to be yours. However you wound up in this special piece of history, you may now realize there are many repairs that need to be made. But how can you renovate your home in a way that will retain its roots while modernizing and bringing it into the 21st century?

At LeMierPhillips, our team has decades of experience in helping people renovate the old homes they love. Here are a few tips to get started:

Start with a vision. Spend some time in the space or spaces you will be working on. Get a feel for what you want the home or room to look like, its current function, and the original use of the space. If your home is historic, do some research. Do you want to refurbish the home to what it was when it was built, or completely start over for a contemporary styled house? When you have your vision, you (and your contractor) will know what the end goal is and will be able to go back to this vision with each decision that is made for this project, helping to create continuity and flow in the space.

Check the infrastructure. Have your home inspected from the start so that fewer necessary repairs surprise you later. There will be surprises, as is the case in every old home renovation, but knowing what needs to be replaced at the beginning saves time and money on the repair. Replacing electrical wiring, outlets, switches, and plumbing is significantly easier to do when the walls are all opened up rather then after the paint is dry.
Also be sure to check the structural elements and foundation of the home to be sure you aren’t renovating a beautiful old sitting room on top of a rotten subfloor, or installing a top-of-the line bathroom underneath a leaking roof.

Preserve as much of the original elements as you can (or desire).  Sometimes great renovations bring the old back to life rather than replacing it all; sometimes gutting an old worn out space and giving it an entirely new life is just what your home needs. Salvaging similarly aged or preserved wood, windows, lighting, etc. can give the home an accurate old age feel and keep timeless pieces out of a landfill; you may even decide to highlight just one original area of the home or room (such as an exposed beam or built in bookshelf) and renovate everything around it.
Whether you want to update and create the feel of a brand new space using modern architecture and accessories or take a trip back in time with all original decor and hardware, finding a way to utilize older/ original pieces in your project is eco-friendly, cost effective, and will preserve the history and memory of your home’s long life,

Take advantage of technology. While aesthetically you may dream of returning all the historic charm to your home, don’t forget that technology is your friend. Advances in heating and cooling, such as split zones and smart thermostats are not only energy efficient, they can also do less damage to the bones of your home. There are other techniques as well that will help to repair and renew your space such as floor, hardware, and furniture refinishing techniques and refurbished lighting with updated bulbs.

Remember the outside. If you are renovating a historical home to its timeless origins or modernizing a dated house, don’t forget the outside! The outdoor area of a home is often forgotten living space and can be useful and beautiful all year long. Repairing or redesigning the front of a home by adding a new front door, windows, a covered porch, or landscaped walkway adds beauty, curb appeal, and value to any home. Adding a deck, patio, or arbor sitting area to a backyard adds valuable space and numerous uses to a beautifully renovated space with outdoor access, such as a kitchen or family room. 

Whether you are looking to renovate your old house back to its original beauty or redo your home in a modern way that best suits your family, these tips will help get you on track to having the home of your dreams. Contact LeMier Phillips for more tips and to schedule a no cost initial consultation to make your home renovation dreams a reality.

Build A Bed Day
APRIL 13th 9:00 AM
2840 Crites St SW # 108, Tumwater, WA 98512

Sleep In Heavenly Peace

Several of the employees at LeMier Phillips Construction recently attended a remodeler’s conference, where we learned of a group of volunteers doing an amazing job of putting people together to help children. Sleep In Heavenly Peace. Their motto is~ “No kid sleeps on the floor in our town”.  Sleep in Heavenly Peace (SHP), is a registered 501© (3) non-profit serving children in need.  Since they are a volunteer driven organization 100% of the donations go towards building the beds.

You see they actually build beds and donate those beds along with a mattress and bedding to children who do not have a bed to sleep in.

Personally, I must tell you; the story of this group really spoke to me.  I had never thought about the possibility of children in our community not having a bed to sleep in.  While watching a video of a bed delivery, I took one look at the faces of those kids receiving a bed and I was done.  Tears were flowing.  I immediately wanted to step in and help.  I brought the idea to Bob & David and of course they were on board!

The way it works is we (LeMier Phillips Construction) agree to host a build day.  All the bunk beds are built from scratch and built to last a lifetime.  SHP will provide the materials, tools and easy to follow design.  No previous woodworking experience is required.  Lucky for me, I just happen to know people who know their way around a power tool or two!  However, we are going to need some additional help, and this is where I am asking you to participate in any way that you can.  You know the saying “many hands make light work”.  So hopefully about now you are wondering what you can do?  Here is a list of ways you can help and get involved.:

  • Help us get the word out.  SHP is still fairly new and people in need do not even know of its existence.  You might not know of any child who sleeps on the floor, but you could help us by posting notices at places that you go such as; shops, gyms or yoga studios, church, etc.  You just never know who might see it.  I am going to be making up a notice soon, and if you would like some, please let me know.
  • Another way to help would be to participate and join the build!   We are scheduled for Saturday April 13th at 9:00 a.m. until we are finished making the beds   I am thinking of the build as an actual bed party!!  There will be music and food for all who come and help. Kids are encouraged to come and get involved!  Even if all you have is an hour that day, it will all go towards making this dream a reality!  Plus, it will give you a chance to see all your favorite LPC faces!
  • And of course, donate!  Each twin bunk bed with mattresses and bedding costs $300.00.  Our goal would be to complete 10 beds.  Anything towards our goal would be so amazing and help tremendously.   

Please check out SHP.
You can also follow our progress on our LeMier Phillips Construction Facebook page

I hope each of you will take a moment and respond to my email, we would love to have you join us in any way possible!


With gratitude,
Kim Cook
Office Manager

SHP Build A Bed

Empty Nest Remodeling Ideas

What To Do With These Bedrooms

Empty Nest Bedroom

Empty nest season – it can bring about both feelings of sadness and excitement for parents. While most people are typically sad to see all of their children out of the home, being empty nesters does have its perks. One in particular is having the freedom to renovate and redecorate a home, especially the bedrooms.

While many people set their sites on downsizing later on in life, many homeowners tend to stay in their home for some time after the children leave. If this sounds like your current scenario, and you are considering remodeling or starting a home improvement project, here are some things to keep in mind before moving forward.

Bedrooms are typically the first space in a home to undergo remodeling once the children have ‘left the nest’. Depending on your needs, personality, and behavior, there are many unique ways to create a new space out of a bedroom. For instance, at LeMier Phillips, we have helped renovate a child’s bedroom into a his/hers office, a home gym, relaxation room, library, extra bathroom, arts and crafts space, and even a wine room! Whatever you choose, the key is to keep the design accessible so the room can grow with you into later stages in life.

You will also want to take sleeping space into consideration before you jump right in and remodel all of your extra bedrooms. Although it is tempting to turn all of your now freed-up space into the rooms you have been dreaming about, it is a good idea to keep at least one of the extra bedrooms as a guest room. You will most likely have visitors in the future, and potentially grandchildren, etc. Accommodating family can be tricky if your newly designed sewing, game room, or man cave doesn’t exactly have space for a bed.

If you are only working with one extra bedroom, partnering with a skilled construction team can help you create the room of your dreams while designing a functional sleeping space within the room, such as the addition of a Murphy bed, etc.

If a full renovation isn’t in the budget, there are still many ways to update a child’s bedroom once they head off the college. Apply a fresh coat of paint in a color of your choice, switch out old carpeting or flooring for a finish that would work well for the room’s new purpose, and replace old, worn out furniture and accessories. These three swaps alone can completely transform a room and give you the distinctive space you have been waiting for!

The team at LeMier Phillips understands the pieces involved when an empty nest home improvement project is underway. With more than three decades in the construction business, we want to help you create the home of your dreams, even if you are just starting with one bedroom. Reach out to the LeMier Phillips team today for bedroom renovation ideas, an estimate, or to see some of our recent project completions.

How To Find The Right Remodeling Contractor

Finding the Right Contractor

Most of us have been there at one time or another – there is a project in your home that needs the skill and expertise of a remodeling contractor, but you aren’t sure who is the right person to help. Remodeling any area of your home is not a feat that should be taken lightly. You are seeking to hire someone who is trustworthy, experienced, will complete the project, and can give you an accurate estimate on the amount of work needed (aside from any surprises that may be lurking under the surface).

To find the right remodeling contractor for the job, it is best to implement a few of the following steps when interviewing potential contractors. And remember, interviewing more than one person is an ideal way to get various points of views about the project, and see if one contractor’s expertise and approach works best for your situation.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when searching for the right remodeling contractor:

•Research experience and credentials – Credentials and experience are key when it comes to credible contractors. Spend time on the contractor’s website – does the company hold any designations from homebuilder, remodeling, or kitchen and bath associations? Are they licensed and/or insured?
Also, take a closer look at the company’s specific experience, including:
1.How long have they been in the remodeling contractor business?
2.What type of remodeling do they specialize in?
3.Do they have a credible and established presence in the community?
4.And does the company have a permanent mailing address, phone number, etc.?
Getting a better idea of a contractor company’s experience and credentials can give you peace of mind regarding moving forward (or not moving forward) with a particular business.

•Remember you are buying a service – Hiring a remodeling contractor means you are purchasing a service, rather than a product. When you get top quality service, you are likely to wind up with a top quality product at the completion of the job. In order to determine if a contractor’s service is top notch, ask to see some completed projects and see if there are any references you can reach out to.
When speaking with references, you can ask if the project was completed on budget and on time, how the implementation of the project was handled, and if the reference was happy with the completed project.

•Don’t take anyone’s word for it – Contracts are crucial when taking on a remodel project with a contractor. Any contractor you choose should provide you with a professional contract that discusses items such as:
1.Bid price and payment calendar
2.Scope of work for your specific project
3.Site plan
4.A change-order clause
5.Any warranties
6.Dispute resolution clause
7.A construction task schedule
8.A waiver of lien
Each contractor will have a different contract agreement, which may or may not include the above-mentioned items. If you are unsure about any language in your contract, be sure to review it with your chosen contractor before signing on the dotted line.

The team at LeMeir Phillips understands how important it is for a homeowner to hire the right remodeling contractor for his or her project. With over three decades in the construction business, and a variety of affiliations, certifications, and happy clients, we hope you will let us provide our expertise and passion for your next remodel. Reach out to the LeMeir Phillips team today for an estimate, or to see some of our testimonials and recent projects.

DREAM REMODEL Home Improvement

Why Move If You Can Remodel?

Reasons To Consider  A Home Improvement Project

Have you become frustrated or bored with certain rooms in your home? This is a common occurrence if you have lived in your home for some time. In fact, people who feel their home is outdated, cramped, or comprised of poor design often consider moving over beginning a home improvement project. While in the moment this may seem like an easy fix, it comes with its own set of disadvantages and can cost more in the long run depending on the scope of the home improvement project.

Moving brings multiple hassles. First, you and/or your family will deal with the stress involved in packing, moving and unpacking. Second, you will be spending money in order to sell your home – with a certain percentage going to the realtors who sell the property. In addition, depending on how far your new home is located, paying a moving company to transport your belongings can prove to be quite costly. And last, there is no guarantee another home will be designed exactly to your preference.

Home improvement projects, on the other hand, offer many benefits. To start, you can get exactly what you want – whether that is an updated, renovated kitchen, an addition to your home to increase space, or a custom project that suits your exact needs. Depending on your budget, you can renovate one room at a time or multiple projects at once. Whatever you choose, you can soon achieve the house you have dreamed about.

Still torn on whether beginning a home improvement project or moving is the right option for you? Consider these reasons of why remodeling or renovating would be the best option for you:

  • The Area Suits Your Needs – There is a popular saying that is often heard when the remodeling vs. moving debate occurs. It states, “You can fix a home, but you can’t fix a neighborhood.” If you love the area you are in, have planted roots in terms of your children and their schooling, your place of employment, your favorite stores, and medical care, etc., keep in mind that your new neighborhood will be different than your current location. It may be hard to replicate the things you love in your new neighborhood.
    When you work with the experienced and skilled contractors at LeMier Phillips, you can stay in the place you love by fixing the issues with your current home. Afterwards, you can enjoy both the neighborhood and your newly revitalized home.
  • The Structure of the Home is Still Solid – While it is true that some homes may not be structurally sound, most homes are still solid at their core. If this is the case with your home, working with a knowledgeable home improvement company can help you get a better idea of how your home can be transformed. Let the professionals offer advice on how different rooms can be renovated, if spaces can be expanded through additions in the home, if walls can be removed to reinvigorate a space, or if smaller changes such as new lighting and flooring can bring about the change you desire.  
  • The Home has Sentimental Value – There are certain homes that involve a special connection with its homeowner. Perhaps it was passed down from a previous generation, or maybe it features unique architectural elements not often seen today. These are distinctive qualities that cannot be replicated through the purchase of a new home. By updating through a home improvement project, you can bring your structure into the future while keeping hold of cherished memories or elements.

Speak to a skilled contractor today at LeMier Phillips Construction about how a home improvement project can improve the comfort, value, and functionality of your space.

LeMier Phillips is a top-rated contractor in the Olympia, Washington area comprised of third generation builders. From whole house remodeling and kitchen renovations to bathroom remodeling and custom home builds, LeMier Phillips can help you bring the house of your dreams to fruition. Tell us about your project here or call 360-292-7890 today!